Niche Retail Strategies LLC

Wendy Bentkoski, CSM
President, Niche Retail Strategies, LLC

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
-- Peter Drucker

It takes the right combination of experience, knowledge and innovation to know how to craft winning strategies that break the mold and succeed. As one of the West Coast’s most respected property managers, Wendy Bentkoski has just the right arsenal of expertise to ensure superior leading edge strategies.

Combining extensive experience in every aspect of the industry with keen insights into the issues that affect developers of shopping centers and mixed use projects, as well as merchants and restaurateurs, she is uniquely qualified to consult from both an ownership and tenant perspective. Following a prestigious and highly successful career in property management, Wendy Bentkoski has established Niche Retail Strategies, LLC as a way to utilize her exceptional skills to create effective solutions in order to meet the needs of clients in the current economic climate.

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Welcome to Niche Retail Strategies LLCNiche: [neesh] French,
        “a specialized market of untapped opportunities”

Niche Retail Strategies, LLC is a consultancy that provides highly skilled expertise in the core areas of Real Estate and Tenant Services. With an enviable list of accomplishments and over 20 years in retail and commercial property management, the firm is uniquely positioned to create a full array of solid solutions designed to meet the specific challenges facing shopping centers and mixed-use projects in today’s constantly shifting economic environment.

Experienced, innovative, analytical and forthright, we pride ourselves on being expert problem-solvers who honor our client relationships and craft targeted solution to match their needs. When you work with Niche Retail Strategies, LLC you work with a partner you can trust to have your best interest and success at the forefront of everything we do.


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